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Join us in the distribution of condoms with a unique desig, with feminine appeal.


Punany Condom

Join us in the distribution condoms in the Heterosexual and Lesbian Female community, first in Atlanta, GA and then around the World. We are seeking distribution partnerships for this unique design with feminine appeal. promoting safer sex for all women. With poetic anecdotes on the label, written by Jessica Holter and The Punany Poets, Punany Condom promises to be a fascinating deviation from all condom brands. Let's face it, the average condom is designed to attract me. Even when bosting a "sensitivity base label" the message lends itself to romantic goals. Now... we love romance, but women also want to be empowered, and we want to be heard. As we slide into the Age of The Goddess, we present the Punany Flower; two goddesses, bending into position to uphold the miraculous womb. Our beautiful and popular "Punany Flower" poses proudly on Punany Condom packaging. 


to draw the attention of all women.  We have taken into consideration, allergies to spermicides and latex, with a polyurethane design. With attention to the orally transmitted disease, we have created The Head Doctor Condom, an unlubricated prophylactic free of harmful chemicals. The sexual protection industry is making great strides to make organic products available. We will keep you in the loop. Our packaging for a Punany Pride Condom has been created for Lesbians and the toy Lover. This condom is strong, and also features poetry and funnies from our creative writing team at www.hipinc.org. Punany Condom is part of Holter Intellectual Properties library of programs and products. Find out more about The Punany Poets and our Sex Education Theater Program at www.punanylove.com.



Condom Distribution Contact

If your agency is interested in distributing Punany Condoms in your community, please let us now. We can be reached by email at info@hipinc.org.


Yes, we have more designs.

Yes, we can customize condoms for your organization.

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Holter Intellectual Property, Incorporated is a registers 501c3 organization in Georgia with offices at 5500 Oakbrook parkway, Suite 250 C, Atlanta, GA.


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